What sort of Christmas and New Year did you have then?

I had a pretty hectic build up to my Christmas as I had two lunches with the Wednesday group; the first was in Usk and the second was in Tintern (both were very nice indeed).  I joined them again in Pontypool Museum for their end of year party. Finally, we had a party at the Carers Centre on the Friday before Christmas where we were entertained by a lovely young singer who sang some popular numbers as well as some Christmas favourites.

I cannot help but think about the bushfires breaking out across Australia. More than twenty people have lost their lives and thousands of properties have been destroyed. I have family living in Melbourne so I’m keeping a close eye on the news.

Now then, it’s the start of a new year and new challenges for all of us to face so have a good year and we shall look forward to seeing you here at the Torfaen Carers Centre.

 Take care. Bye for now.


Well, hello everyone and how are you these days? It’s been very busy here at the hub quite recently with all the changes that have been going on.

For one thing, we have had new people coming to see us for help and advice and to meet other carers for a chat and a hot drink. Some of them have joined in with our “Headspace” meditation group on a Wednesday morning. I’ve been attending this particular group session and it certainly works.

Wednesdays are very busy with the new dementia group now established and having Keith Wheeler coming up to run it.

Talking about the dementia group, I want to make a special mention to the other group associated with the carers centre. They meet up at Pontypool museum on Wednesday afternoons and I do try to pop over and see them when I can. They are lovely people and are well looked after by two great friends –Dave Mynott and Louise Alderman-Hook. The catering is second to none as well.

There are two new groups starting this month; The Employability team and Gwent Carers Mental Health & Wellbeing Team. All well and good I say!

Now then, Christmas is on the horizon and we at the centre will no doubt be doing our bit. Pontypool is getting a visit from Santa on Saturday 23rd for the annual cavalcade so you can expect the usual disruption to traffic.

Anyway, I’ll sign off now and write to you next time. Have a good Christmas and New year If I don’t see you before then.