About Me:

I joined Carers Trust South East Wales in October 2018 as a Carers Engagement Officer, after working in a variety of roles in the third sector, supporting a wide range of people from older people in Cardiff to young offenders in London. Now in the role of Carer Friendly Wales Manager, my work is focused on making information and support available to carers in all kinds of settings across Wales. It’s a big task and it’s one that I am very passionate about. One of the most common things I’ve heard from carers throughout my career is ‘I wish I’d know this sooner.’ My role, ultimately, is to help carers get the information they need at the earliest possible opportunity.

I love working for the Carers Trust South East Wales: a strong team, with strong values and we really do put carers at the heart of everything we do.

What do you enjoy doing away from work?

I spend the majority of my time outside of work eating and drinking with friends and family. Luckily for my waist line I also love to run and get some fresh air in my lungs on a regular basis. Apart from running, you could say I’m ‘indoorsy.’ My absolute favourite hobby is planning and going on holidays. I’m not the backpacking type though! It’s definitely holidaying, not travelling.

Favourite Food?

Possibly the hardest question of all time: I just love food. Here's my three course death row menu:

Starter – Coco Pops with cold semi skimmed milk

Main – Chicken fajitas with all the trimmings and extra guacamole

Dessert – Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream