Some amazing feedback from former young carer, Jayden: 

"Hey, I haven't contacted you in a while, but I wanted to reach out to thank you for all the help and support the young carers service gave me over the last few years.

"Talking to friends and my subjects at University have made me realise just how much the service really helped me to develop into the person I am today. You were a massive part of that. So thank you so much. I'm doing really well in life and I'm even engaged to someone amazing who makes me happy!

"But I wouldn't be that person if it wasn't for young carers, so thank you for everything you guys did for me and I hope you're all okay.

"If there's anything I can ever do to help, or get involved with, I would love to do that to give back. The young carers service helped me develop stronger friendships and be a part of something amazing, whilst also being supported by an amazing team. They have given me skills and life experiences that will continue to help me through adulthood. Love you guys!"