The purpose of the panel is to ensure that the voices of unpaid carers are heard and for carers to be able to influence, change and shape services that affect them. Carers Trust South East Wales strongly believe that the thoughts, views and opinions of carers are both heard and acted upon. Carers are at the very centre of our work and the expert panel gives carers the ideal opportunity to have their say on the things that affect them. 

The expert panel is made up of carers from across Cardiff and the Vale with various caring experiences.  They are asked to advise:

  • Us – Carers Trust South East Wales
  • The Local Authority
  • Other third sector organisations
  • Private sector organisations

This includes providing opinion and feedback on matters such as:

  • New legislation, policies and procedures
  • Special services or opportunities carers require
  • How carers would like to be supported

The views of the panel are listened to, represented, valued and taken forward by Carers Trust South East Wales to help improve services for all carers across Cardiff and the Vale, as well as influencing change nationally.

Find out more

To find out more, contact Amy on 07593435554 or email at [email protected] 

Where: Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan