About me

I have worked for Carers Trust South East Wales for 11 years. I oversee services that provide direct support or influences change for carers of all ages. 

Before I joined Carers Trust South East Wales I worked for four years as Care Support Worker in a care home, supporting adults with profound learning difficulties and before that I worked as an outdoor activities instructor.

I feel we are an organisation that refuses to stand still and accept the status quo, we always challenge the norm and live our values. CTSEW always puts carers at the heart of all of our services.

What do you enjoy doing away from work?

Planning and going on holiday - I’ll go pretty much anywhere, but my preferences are somewhere very hot, or very snowy so I can ski. I enjoy going out with my friends and family and love going to amazing restaurants for excellent food.

Favourite food?

Shellfish and anything spicy!