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Carers Trust South East Wales (CTSEW) has launched its largest ever consultation with unpaid carers and people with care needs.

Now more than ever, unpaid carers need the right help and support to be able to continue their vital role supporting family members, friends and neighbours in our local communities.

We’ve been working with unpaid carers and people with care needs in south east Wales for over 30 years and support many thousands of people every year. With funding for our carers services at risk and the full financial impact of the pandemic yet to become clear, it is essential Welsh Government, local authorities and health boards in Wales continue to fund services for carers during these challenging times.

Covid-19 has impacted all areas of our daily lives and the pressures on carers is only likely to increase. Thousands of people in Wales have become carers during the coronavirus crisis and we are working hard to ensure we meet the needs of the people we already work with and those new to caring. Our staff have been working in our communities through the pandemic to support carers and people with care needs. And with the help of Carers Trust and our local authority and health board partners, we’ve been able to award nearly £60,000 to over 350 carers in emergency grants to carers during the crisis.

The aim of our consultation is to understand what the priorities are for carers in south east Wales, what services people need and how can we best meet the needs of those we work with now, and the many new carers we expect to be working with in the future. The information you provide will help us to plan for the next two years and beyond.

So if you are a carer, if you have care needs, if you know someone with a caring responsibility, or you are someone working with carers – please complete our survey or send it to anyone who can help us.

Each survey takes around 10 minutes to complete and both are completely anonymous.

Thank you.