Carers Trust South East Wales is undertaking a number of practical steps to manage the potential impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Latest UK Government guidance about Coronavirus

Our first priority will always be to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the people we work with, including unpaid carers, people with care needs and our staff.

We are closely following current guidance from both government and our commissioners. We have risk assessments in place that are being adapted as the situation changes and we are working hard to ensure that our quality service remains in place for all those who require support.

  1. In addition to our existing carer support services, we may be able to provide emergency/extra support for people who need it during this time. In the event that a carer/family member is required to self-isolate, we would ask carers to consider a plan for who could take over their caring responsibilities – and to contact us if additional support is required. A list of our support services is available on our website:
  2. To ensure the best possible approach to infection control, our staff wash hands with soap or hand sanitiser upon arrival at their place of work, after visiting the toilet, before eating or when using their own or service vehicles to transport people. Please provide an area in the home for staff to wash their hands as often as necessary during any visits.
  3. Staff are also encouraging those they are supporting and visitors to our offices and places of work to observe good hygiene practices including using tissues, washing hands and not touching their face with unwashed hands.
  4. Infection control measures are in place across our organisation, which include the disinfection of surfaces and hand washing/sanitiser points in all working areas, including our hubs, offices, day centres and any vehicles that are used for transporting people.
  5. As an organisation we are seeking to continue supporting our carers and people with care needs in the community, as normal. We will always take into account current advice around infection control. If you wish to speak to us about any concerns you have, please contact our office on 01495 769996.
  6. We would also request that any carers we are working with inform us immediately on 01495 769996 if anyone in the household is self-isolating due to infection concerns, or if they have recently returned from an area/country identified by the government as being at higher risk of Coronavirus. This will help us to continue our service to carers and vulnerable people in our communities.

In this fast-moving environment, further updates will be provided when appropriate. If you have any questions about your service from Carers Trust South East Wales please contact our office on 01495 769996 or email us at [email protected] 

Key contacts

Our mainline: 01495 769996

Bridgend Carers Wellbeing Service: 01656 336969

Cardiff and the Vale Carers Gateway: 02921 921024

Gwent Carers Hub: 01495 367564