Two south Wales charities are working together to ensure unpaid carers in Bridgend get the support that matters to them.

Carers Trust South East Wales, who run the new Carers Wellbeing Service in Bridgend, and Bridgend Carers Centre, who have over 20 years’ experience delivering support services for carers, will combine their expertise and experience to provide services to carers across Bridgend.

Bridgend County Borough has a higher percentage of carers (12.5%) than the national average (10%) and the two charities, both network partners of Carers Trust, will work in partnership with Bridgend County Borough Council to reach new and existing carers and improve support and services for carers in the borough.

A carer is anyone who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support. Anyone could be a carer – a 15-year-old girl looking after a parent with an alcohol problem, a 40-year-old man caring for his partner who has terminal cancer, or an 80-year-old woman looking after her husband who has Alzheimer's disease.

Gareth Howells, Carers Trust South East Wales Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are excited by our new partnership with Bridgend Carers Centre. Carers are a massively undervalued and under supported part of our communities, and we are pleased to be working with Bridgend Carers Centre to help identity and support unpaid carers across Bridgend.”

Helen Pitt, Centre Manager for Bridgend Carers Centre said: “We know that no carer is the same, and together, the services of our two charities will complement each other and will really help unpaid carers in Bridgend. Both charities are keen not to duplicate the positive work that already exists but give greater diversity and variety of service to carers.”

If you are a carer, or know someone that is, please get in touch with Carers Trust South East Wales on 01656 336969 or Bridgend Carers Centre on 01656 658479 or visit and