A new emergency card scheme for unpaid carers has launched in Bridgend. Carers Trust South East Wales (CTSEW) has launched the Carers Emergency Card scheme to ensure the safety of people with care needs in an emergency.

The scheme works by giving carers the chance to add two emergency contact numbers to the back of the card. In the event of a carer being taken ill, or in an emergency situation, the carer (or some­one on their behalf) can call one of the numbers to arrange alternative care for the person they care for.

Any unpaid carer living in Bridgend can apply for the card which is designed to fit into any wallet or purse and features an eye catching design to ensure visibility in an emergency situation.

If you would like to get a Carers Emergency Card please contact the Bridgend Carers Wellbeing team on 01656 336969 or email [email protected]