A Cardiff-based cycling charity has become the first third sector organisation to pick up a Carer Friendly Silver award – a new accreditation scheme that acknowledges the vital role unpaid carers play in local communities across Wales.

Pedal Power, a charity that enables people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the benefits of cycling, wanted to raise awareness of the work it already does to support carers and explore other ways it could help the many hundreds of carers that visit the charity every year. From setting up a dedicated carers’ corner within its café area to offering a special carers ride free membership initiative, Pedal Power has taken a number of innovative steps to support carers.

Carer Friendly aims to recognize, improve and increase access to information and support for carers in Wales. Services go through a number of steps to secure accreditation before submitting a final portfolio of work to a dedicated carers' panel for assessment.

Pedal Power Director, Sian Donovan, said: “We are thrilled to get this award, not just for the recognition of what we do that it represents but because, more importantly, it will help to get the message out that we provide an activity and an environment that is truly carer-friendly. I know all the staff and volunteers will be over the moon – this is what we do and we’re very proud of our charity and the positive difference it brings to people.”

Carer Friendly has been designed in partnership with carers and is run by Carers Trust South East Wales, the largest charity for unpaid carers in Wales.